1. Hello. Itís Frank from Easypak here. Iím phoning about the quote you gave us for the plastic. Can you just confirm if the quote is per kilo or per case? Thanks a lot. Could you either give me a ring back or drop me an email?. Cheers.

2. Jonathan, itís Peter Daily. Iíve spoken to our warehouse manager about the German consignment and he said we dispatched the goods last Friday. Monday was a holiday which may explain the delay, but you should receive it any time now. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Bye bye now.

3. Hi itís Sandy. Iíve booked you in the Olympus from the 14th to the 18th, but thereís a dentistís convention going on that week so itís going to be rather busy. Youíre flight leaves at 9am the tickets are on your desk. Have a good trip Michael and Iíll see you when you get back.

4. Hi Chris, itís Judy. Look, Iím afraid I canít make it on Tuesday. Something has come up. Can we put it off until Thursday at the same time? Let me know if thatís okay with you and Iíll get in touch with Simon and David to see if they can make it.

5. This is Jim Fairfax from Nightlife Magazine. Look, weíve just received next monthís issue and the colourís all off. Some of the photos have an orange tinge to them and on the two back pages there are lines of smudged text. We canít send them out like this, and this isnít the first time itís happened. Can you give me a ring as soon as you can, please. My numberís 0881 356 3847.