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The Article

Complete the following text with a, an, the or (-) when no article is needed.

(1) Dead Sea (‘Yam Ha-Melah’ in Hebrew, ‘al-Bahr El-Mayyit in Arabic) is situated between (2) Jordan and (3) Israel. It is (4) lowest lake in (5) world and lies about 422 metres below (6) sea level. With 33.7% salinity, it contains (7) saltiest water in (8) world. This is because several rivers carrying (9) minerals (including salt) flow into (10) lake, but none flow out of it. (11) surface water evaporates, but all (12) minerals remain behind. (13) Dead Sea is 8.6 times more salty than (14) ocean.

(15) Salt makes it easy for swimmers to float – you can even read (16) book or (17) newspaper while floating on your back. In fact (18) lake contains six times more salt than (19) ordinary sea water so (20) swimmer’s body is six times more buoyant than usual.

Biblically, it was (21) place of refuge for King David. It was one of (22) world's first health resorts (for Herod (23) Great), and it has been (24) supplier of (25) wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers and cosmetics for (26) skin treatment and (27) beautification for (28) women.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 28 points)

Future Verb Tenses

Choose the most suitable verb form.

1. We’re going to be exhausted when we arrive in Australia. for about 16 hours.
2. We’re caught in the rush hour traffic and it’s nearly 6 o’clock. very late.
3. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m the company at the end of the month.
4. I’m 15 kilos before the wedding.
5. When my parents celebrate their anniversary next month, for 52 years.
6. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time whatever .
7. Can you give me a ring on Thursday? to our lawyer by then and I’ll have an answer for you.
8. “Shit! I think we’ve got a puncture.”
“Yes, one of the front tyre’s gone flat. Don’t worry, .”
9. Can you do me a favour and have a word with dad about tidying up his tool shed. to me.
10. a cheap hotel in Barcelona at this time of year.
11. My birthday is on the 12th July. a Sunday this year so we can all go out to lunch together.
12. By the time you get all your beach things together, too late to sunbathe.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 12 points)

Similar Meaning

Rewrite each sentence so that it is similar in meaning to the one before it. Use the word in bold and a phrase with a future meaning. Follow the example:

Example: It is likely that the Internet provider Con Cast will make record profits this year.
The .

1. I’ve got an appointment to see my lawyer tomorrow at 3:30.

2. A new headmaster probably won’t be appointed until next academic year.
A new headmaster

3. I think Ferrari is definitely going to win the Grand Prix this year.

4. Arrangements have been made for Timmy Stonebridge to sign a $3.5 million advertising deal with Nike.
Timmy Stonebridge

5. The presentation’s going to start soon. Hurry up!

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 5 points)

Body Idioms

Complete the idioms with the missing words.

1. As as a baby’s bottom.
2. A of fresh air.
3. The eyes are the to the soul.
4. Healthy body, healthy .
5. You scratch my and I’ll scratch yours.
6. To on (someone’s) nerves.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 6 points)

Indirect Questions

Change the following direct questions to indirect questions.

1. Are you free for dinner on Friday?
I was wondering ?
2. How much do you weigh?
Would you mind telling me ?
3. Do you have a payment plan?
I’d be interested to know ?
4. Where have you lived in the past?
I’d like to know ?
5. Where’s the supermarket?
Could you tell me ?
6. Is there a carpark near here?
Could you tell me ?
7. Where can we rent a bicycle?
I was wondering ?
8. How does it work?
Do you know ?

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 8 points)

Add up your total number of points scored for each exercises.
- Total number of points out of 100


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