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"When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder".
Natalie Gulbis

Past Verb Tenses

Rewrite the following stories. Begin with the last action. Follow the example.

Kevin lost his job.
He had no reason to stay in Spain.
He decided to go back to the UK.

1. My wallet was stolen.
Someone used all my credit cards.
When I checked my bank account it was empty.

2. Dave was drinking all day.
He spent all his money on beer and whisky.
When he finally got home he was drunk and broke.

3. Luis turned on his computer at 6am.
He was working for 10 hours.
He finished work.
He was very tired.

4. Pepito won 40,000 euros.
He checked the lottery numbers in the newspaper.
Last night he was celebrating.

5. My sister had a heart attack.
My brother-in-law didn’t know how to phone for an ambulance.
He phoned me in the middle of the night.


Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 5 points)

Body Idioms

Choose a part of the body from the following list to complete the idioms below.

stomach / head / eye / face / foot
back / nose / fingers / leg / neck
1. To stop your self from laughing is to keep a straight .
2. When you are very busy and have an incredible amount of work we say you are up to your in it.
3. When you turn a blind you pretend not to notice.
4. If you are very clumsy and often drop and break things, you are all and thumbs.
5. Having butterflies in your is when you feel very nervous before doing something, like taking a driving test, making a speech, going for a job interview etc.
6. To make fun of someone is to pull someone’s .
7. If you put your in it you say something that upsets someone.
8. If you don’t understand something you can say that you can’t get your around it.
9. To turn your up at something means to treat something with distaste or contempt.
10. To congratulate someone you could give them a pat on the

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 10 points)

Gerunds and Infinitives

Complete the following sentences with a preposition (if necessary) and the correct form of the verb in brackets. Follow the example.

Example: I’m selfish, self-centred, egoistic and inconsiderate. And according to my wife, I’m unlikely (change).

1. Because of the cheap flights from the UK to Valencia and Alicante, it’s quite easy for me (visit) my family and friends.
2. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate (get) in touch with us.
3. For people who are keen (walk), Nepal is a wonderful country for going on long treks through the mountains.
4. When Samantha and I got back from shopping, David was busy (cook) dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes!
5. I’m very curious (know) what my boss thinks about sending me to Paris on a marketing course.
6. Ever since the Madrid train bombings in 2004, I’ve felt very anxious (travel) by train.
7. I was 23 years old when I first became interested (learn) Chinese.
8. It’s very good (see) that you’ve taken my advice and bought a new laptop.
9. Do you always leave your car unlocked? Aren’t you worried (get) it stolen?
10. When you visit Valencia, its definitely worth (have) a paella near the beach.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 10 points)

Short Questions

Write a short question with a preposition in reply to the following sentences. Follow the example.

Example: I went out for a drink last night.

1. I’m very worried.
2. Maria and I are going away for the weekend.
3. I’m extremely angry with you.
4. We’re going to New York.
? A week? Two weeks?
5. I bought a present today.
6. Have you heard the news? Sam has got engaged.
Really! ?
7. I’m not going to accept that promotion I was telling you about.
8. Can you please tell dad not to put so much salt on his food?
? You know he never listens to me.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 8 points)


Rewrite the following sentences so they have the opposite meaning. Make any changes you think are necessary. Follow the example.

Example: Eddie was a successful businessman who achieved a lot in his life.

1. We had a terrible time in Alicante. There were too many people on the beach.

2. You must exercise your arm. Try to move it as much as possible.

3. I told you to do the shopping. Why are you laying on the sofa?

4. You should have given the rest of the chicken to the dog.

5. Ask Dave. He’s got lots of money.

6. All of the managers liked my presentation, so my boss was really pleased.

7. Our office is difficult to find. Everybody always gets lost.

8. I must have a shower today. My girlfriend’s coming round.

Answers Check your answers and count 1 point for each correct answer: (Total: 8 points)


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