Course Plan - Advanced

Este curso se compone de: 10 LECCIONES + 1 TEST FINAL

1 Expand Your Vocabulary 1: Body Idioms Emails Alan – A True Story Tense review and time expressions.
Auxiliary verbs in tenses
2 Compound Nouns
Take and Put
Men and Women – the differences Take a Break
-ing forms and infinitives
3 Verb collocations
Expressions with ‘way’
Word stress (eg. refund (noun), to refund (verb
Stress Quiz A best man's speech Questions and negatives
4 Word Formation and Suffixes Great Inspiration Communication Skills Modal verbs
Making complex sentences
5 Numbers and figures.
Pronunciation Problems.
Aerophobia – The Fear of Flying Hypothesizing
Question Tags
6 Words From Other Languages Drugs – A Worldwide Problem The FBI
Understanding weak forms in connected speech.
The Article
7 Agreeing and Disagreeing Time Management – Get Organized” United Neighbourhoods Talking about the future
8 Uses of Get.
Compound adjectives.
My Dear Bank Manager Innes and the Bear Linking words and phrases
9 Phrasal verb particles.
Verb collocations.
Alternative Medicine Fast food Sentence inversions
10 In the Home.
Word Families.
World Cookery An unusual home Indirect Questions

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