My Smart car doesn't go very fast but it's very economical to run.
We're trying to economise/economize on our electricity bill so we've installed solar panels.
My sister is living in Manchester and studying economics at university.
I’ve tried living as economically as possible, but I still seem to spend more than I earn.

I just don’t understand. His bad behaviour is completely inexplicable. He is usually so nice.
It's all quite self-explanatory really. You watch the video, follow the instructions and use the online help forum if you get stuck.
When my wife was pregnant she had an inexplicable desire for banana ice cream at two in the morning. And she hates bananas!
No explanation was given at all. They said the hotel was full and they turned us away.

There have been reports of an unidentified flying object in the sky above Birmingham.
Do you have any form of identification on you, like a passport or driving licence?
He was easily identifiable by his glass eye, wooden leg and the parrot on his right shoulder.
I'm afraid this is a case of mistaken identity. My name's Angelina Jelly.

Racist or sexist behavior will not be tolerated in this group.
My sister has gradually developed a tolerance for morphine and needs to be given a larger dose.
Recent studies show that many people who think they are suffering from bowel disease might in fact be lactose-intolerant.
The situation with our neighbours has become so intolerable that we’ve decided to move.

I'm sorry constable; I have absolutely no knowledge of the night in question due to my state of extreme drunkenness.
Here at La Mansión del Inglés we are fairly knowledgeable about all things related to the English language.
I don't believe for one minute that Pepito would knowingly have taken the money without permission.
For some unknown reason my computer crashed and that's why I haven't managed to finish the report yet.

It was his inability to give a straight answer to a simple question that lost him the election.
I'm sorry to say that we're unable to help you. You'll have to try another company.
This document will enable you to get married abroad.
A disability payment or allowance is an amount of money regularly paid by the government to disabled people.
We refused to accept his application due to his frivolous attitude and his complete inability take things seriously.

The crowd clapped and cheered enthusiastically when the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup.
Don't be so unenthusiastic about going trekking. You said you enjoyed it last time and I'm sure the rain will have stopped by the time we get there.
All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
We are podcast enthusiasts and we believe that podcasts can really help you to improve your listening skills.

We were led to believe that your company would be paying for the software design.
If you think the project will cost less than 5000 euros, then I am afraid you have been misled. It just isn’t true.
Steve Jobs was famous for groundbreaking innovation and tough, no nonsense leadership.

We regard him as the most likely candidate for the job despite the fact that he has little experience in this area.
The two cars are much alike. The only difference is one has a more powerful engine.
There's every likelihood that we'll be able to retire in three years.
Pepito wasn’t happy at his job and likened his boss to a prison guard.
It's a wonderful drawing, but it's not a very good likeness of your dad. It looks more like an old George Clooney.
We hope you will continue to listen to our podcasts, and encourage your family and friends to do likewise.

Samantha's got very sensitive skin. She only has to be in the sun for 5 minutes and she goes as red as a tomato.
That was a very insensitive comment you made about Pepito's haircut. He does look a bit like a rat, but there was no need to tell him to his face.
Those are not very sensible shoes to go trekking in. Haven't you got a pair without heels?
Suicide attacks on the general public are a senseless waste of human life.

I'd like to say thank you on behalf of our team. Your help has been invaluable and we wouldn't have been able to finish the project without you.
Please don't leave any valuables in the room when you go for lunch. We don't lock the door and we're not responsible for your personal belongings.
My grandfather gave me this watch before he died. I thought it was gold, but it turned out to be valueless.
I’d like to introduce you to Samantha, one of the most valued members of our team. She's brought in thirty-five new clients to the firm this year alone.
We're going to release a beta version of the software to a small group of our subscribers so that they can evaluate it and give us feedback.

12. USE
Damn! I've cut my finger again. This can opener is absolutely useless. I can't believe my wife paid 60 euros for it.
Another Spanish politician has been found guilty of the misuse of public funds.
My mobile phone is particularly useful to us when we go on holiday. I use Google maps, hotel apps and I even check in for my flight with my mobile and use it as a boarding pass.
A feeling of utter uselessness and depression came over him and he lost the will to live.

13. HOPE
A feeling of despair and utter hopelessness came over him when he thought of his mother-in-law coming to stay for two weeks.
I'm hopeless at anything to do with computers. I can't even turn the bloody things on!
Hopefully, we won't have to stay too long after the meal. Just tell them you've got an early start tomorrow and we'll make an excuse and leave.
Lots of young hopefuls are trying to get into modelling and the fashion industry, but they sadly end up in low-paying, dead-end jobs.

14. FIT
I've been eating unhealthily and not going to the gym. I feel so unfit.
I've got a huge number of apps on my phone for physical fitness, but none of them have helped me lose any weight.
They found Pepito's dead body in a brothel and he'd been stabbed ten times. Not a very fitting end to a world class footballer.
A misfit is a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation.

The Walking Dead is a violent and bloodthirsty TV series, but I love it!
We're praying for an end to the bloodshed in the Middle East.
He hit and kicked me non-stop for about three minutes. I was bleeding from my mouth and from a cut on the back of my head.

My house is huge and I own 5 cars and a private jet, but I'm unashamed of my wealth. I earned it through hard work and sacrifice.
What? You stole money from your mum's handbag? You should be ashamed of yourself! There's no excuse for such shameful behavior.
Luis and Craig appeared on national TV and gave a shameless plug for their website.

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