An Unusual House

Michael and Suzanne Breene live in a very unusual house.
A converted post office in North Yorkshire, England.
The Breenes owned the Post Office for many years, and they retired
when it eventually closed. They spent quite some time looking for a
new home, but in the end they decided to stay and convert the post
office, which was built in the 1930’s. They’ve been living in their new
home for over 5 years.
As you can see from the photos, it hasn’t changed much from the outside.
The interior of the building, on the other hand, has been transformed
beyond recognition.

This is the original oak door of the Post Office. Customers came/used
to come /would come
in and turned left into the shop, there was a wall
just in front of the door which was removed/has been removed to make
a magnificent hallway for the house.
This was the view from behind the counter. You can just see the beautiful
plasterwork on the ceiling. This is an original feature and people who have
the house since it was converted are amazed to find out it was
always there, they just didn’t look up before.
The Post Office counter was/used to be at the back of the shop, you can
just see the shelves of stationery in the corner.
It's hard to believe, but this is how the Post Office looks today! It has been
converted into a wonderful living room. The counter was where the dining
table is now, just behind the lamp.
The original arched windows of the Post Office flood the new living room
with light. There used to be a clock above the central window, but it was
taken down
a long time ago.
Before the conversion, the inside of the Post Office didn’t have so much
light. The shop area used to be quite full of greeting cards and stationery.
The Breenes in their living room. They have converted the old Post Office
into a beautiful and unusual home.


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