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Collocations are words that typically go together.

They do not always translate from Spanish to English. For example. We say “I’m going to have a drink” in English Not, X”I’m going to take a drink.”X (unless you’re physically taking a drink from one place to another).

In Lesson 2, page 5 we practised some common collocations with the verbs put and take.

In the following examples, choose the words that DO NOT collocate with the verb. Follow the example.

Example: GET

Answer: fault with. X”To get fault with”X is not a common collocation. We would typically say “to find fault with someone/something.”

4. PAY
5. DO
9. TRY

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat the pronunciation.

Now complete the sentences with expressions from the previous exercise.

1. We had a very bad financial year last year and made of 75,000 euros. As a result, we have a serious cash flow problem this year.
2. I did in mechanical engineering at Valencia University and then worked for two years for a multinational company in Peru.
3. I really loved her and she broke when she slept with my best friend and told me that she didn’t want to see me anymore.
4. I cleared out my wardrobe last week and got the old clothes that don’t fit me anymore since I put on all this weight.
5. After looking for work for nearly two years here in Spain, my husband and I came that we should go abroad to find a job.
6. I think we should get another bottle of wine, don’t you? Try and catch the waiter’s next time he goes past and tell him we need another bottle of Rioja.
7. Now that my dad’s retired, he’s decided to try at photography and he’s spent a fortune on camera equipment.
8. I suppose I’ll have to give if we win the award. What do you think I should say?
9. Yes, I know I should organize my office space and file away all those papers, but I’m so busy that I never seem to find .
10. All the hotels were fully booked because of the real estate conference, so we had to pay to get a huge suite at one of the most exclusive apartment complexes in town.
11. I’m bored. Do you fancy playing on the Xbox?
12. We can’t go to the beach on Sunday, we’ve made to have lunch at my mum’s house. Don’t you remember?
13. I’ve got a sore throat, headache and my nose won’t stop running. I think I’ve caught .
14. Can you give me with this sofa? It’s too heavy for me to lift by myself.
15. Pepito’s recommended this new software for posting social media. I think I’ll try for a couple of weeks to see how I get on with it.

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat.

Choose the best verb (have, make, take or do) to complete the following collocations.

1. someone hostage
2. a grudge (against s.o.)
3. a mockery
4. (some) harm
5. a stop
6. a fortune
7. the lead
8. well
9. a model
10. research

Answers Check your answers.

Now read the following sentences and complete them with a collocation from the previous exercise. Follow the example.

Example: Before we go ahead and put the product together, I think we should to make sure it's going to work.

1. I’m sorry, I forgot to buy milk and bread this morning. Can we at the supermarket on the way home?
2. You really in your end of year exams. I think we should buy you a new bike.
3. He half way through the race and won in record time.
4. Two journalists were by terrorists in Syria this morning. There have been no ransom demands made by the terrorists so far.
5. When I become a doctor, I would like to into trying to find a cure for cancer.
6. Some software developers are developing successful applications for online games.
7. The judge said that Pepito was a drug addict who had intended to to others.
8. The fact that he was paying for his son’s private school of his socialist principles.

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat.

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