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Listen and answer these true or false questions.

Listen and answer.
1. The speaker doesn’t usually feel guilty when he’s eating fast food.
2. The speaker eats more fast food now than he did in the past.
3. The speaker’s wife likes fast food more than he does.
4. One thing the speaker likes about fast food is that it’s predictable.
5. The speaker prefers homemade pizza to pizza from a food chain like Pizza Hut or Dominoes Pizza.
6. An Indian curry is his favourite kind of fast food

Answers Check your answers.

Listen again and Read the transcription.

Overweight = fat
The prefix over usually means too much. The prefix under usually means not enough.

If you weigh too much you are overweight, so if you don’t weigh enough you are underweight.

Overweight and underweight are adjectives.

What is the adjective...

1 · For food that is not cooked enough?

2 · And for food that is cooked too much?

Answers Check your answers.

Write a word beginning with under or over in the spaces below. Some words are in bold to help you. In some cases it’s necessary to make changes to the word. Follow the examples.

Example: He died from a very large dosage of an illegal substance. He died from a drug .
Example: In my opinion, the government pays nurses, teachers and social workers far too little. I think they are all terribly .

1. People who get too paid too much money, like footballers and film stars, are
2. If your boss gives you too much work, you are
3. If you see something in a shop that has a much lower price than it should have, it is
4. If you wear a very formal and expensive suit or dress to an informal party, you are
5. This flat has been given a much higher value than it deserves. It has definitely been by the estate agents.
6. You’ve been for this camera. It’s an old model. They should never have charged you so much money.
7. Don’t sleep too late tomorrow. If you , you’ll be late for the meeting.
8. If you your opponent, this means you have a low estimation of how well they can play.
9. Pants, bras, panties, tights, socks and other things that you wear under your clothes are called
10. If a place has so many people and is so crowded that it is uncomfortable, we say it is
11. The train system that runs below the ground in London is called the
12. If someone has so much confidence that it becomes a disadvantage, we can say that they are

* Si ignoras el significado de alguna palabra consulta el Diccionario Online


Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat to practise pronunciation.

Match the nouns with the verbs.

1. join
2. lose
3. go on
4. resist
5. cut down on
6. put on
7. cut out

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat to practise pronunciation.

Now use some of the above phrases to complete the following dialogue.

A: I don’t know what to do. I seem to weight so easily. I only have to look at a piece of cake and I’m a kilo heavier.
B: Well, you do eat a lot of sugar and fatty food. Perhaps you should sugar of your diet.
A: Oh, I don’t know. I find it difficult to a diet. I just can’t chocolates.
B: You should try to eat less sugar and fast food. Perhaps you could a gym or a health club.

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat to practise pronunciation.


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