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In the texts about alternative medicine on the previous page, there were two examples of phrasal verbs with the particle ‘down’. Lie down (Barry) and calm down (James). In these phrasal verbs, the verb keeps its normal basic meaning, but the particle adds to or modifies it.

‘…you lie down on a bed and let someone stick needles in you.’

There are a few phrasal verbs with down that are used when you move your body to a sitting or resting position:

To lie down
To sit down
To bend down
To kneel down
To bow down

‘…and this calms him down and helps him sleep.’

Here, ‘down’ means reducing or becoming less. Look at these examples:

To bring down
To come down
To cool down
To die down
To go down
To keep down
To slow down
To turn down

Here are some more examples of phrasal verb particles modifying meaning:

Up – completely (lock up, shut up, tidy up, drink up, eat up)
On – continuation (carry on, go on, work on)
Down – onto paper (write down, note down, jot down, take down)
Off – to another place (drive off, run off, walk off, wander off)
Around – do nothing (hang around, mess around, fool around)

Choose a particle (UP, DOWN, ON, OFF, AROUND) to improve the following sentences.

1. It wasn't enough for her simply to hear new sounds or words. She had to see them written .
2. Don’t forget to lock the shop before you leave.
3. Come on drink ! If we don’t leave now we’ll miss the last train.
4. She noted the answers so that she could try the exercise again later in the week.
5. Don’t take any notice of me. You just carry and pretend I’m not here.
6. The government is trying to bring unemployment.
7. You can’t take him seriously, he’s always fooling
8. He was very upset about it, but he calmed eventually.
9. They waste their free time hanging the shopping centre all day.
10. I'm waiting for the prices to come before I change my car.
11. Let food cool before putting it in the fridge or freezer.
12. Go , finish your story. I’m dying to know what happens to the fish and the umbrella.
13. When interest rates go , people and businesses are encouraged to borrow and spend more, boosting the economy.
14. I was just speaking to your sister and she wandered to get another drink.
15. I’d like to have a quick word with you before you run .
16. When the liquid boils, turn the heat and simmer it for 10 minutes.

Answers Check your answers.

Now choose from the particles AWAY, OUT, AFTER, OVER, THROUGH to improve the following sentences.

1. I’m much too tired to sit another lesson on phrasal verbs.
2. I’m running late today. Could you hang the washing before you go to work?
3. We used to have a cat, but he was run by a car a few years ago.
4. After being in captivity for 9 weeks, the hostages were finally handed to the security forces.
5. The thieves who broke into the vault got with over a million euros in diamonds.
6. Can I try your new virtual reality game
7. Our cousin is looking our flat when we go on the cruise.
8. We started an online business but it fell and now I’m looking for a job.
9. I'm going for Christmas so you’ll have to take care of yourself for a week.
10. I’m giving this old laptop if you know anyone who needs one.
11. I ran the thief, but he was too fast and got away.
12. My dad passed a couple of days ago so I won’t be at work for a while.
13. You take your mother. You’re so stubborn!
14. I was attacked in Barcelona. They hit me and ran with my money and passport.
15. I can't work why they gave her sack. I thought she was the hardest worker in the office.
16. The accident was pretty bad, but the doctors are optimistic. They think she’s going to pull .

Answers Check your answers.


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