1. We watched a side-splitting comedy series on TV last night. It was so funny that
we didn’t stop laughing from the beginning to the end.
2. When we travelled around the mountains of Nepal, we saw hair-raising drops of
500 metres
on the sides of the road.
3. I hate going to the gym because I have the fat body of a pot-bellied beer drinker
and the gym is full of young men with bodies of muscle-bound body builders.
4. Our neighbour emigrated from Syria after all his family were killed and his house was
bombed and completely destroyed. It’s a heart-breaking story.
5. My sister-in-law only drinks the most expensive wine, only travels first class and
refuses to stay in a hotel that has less than 5 stars. She’s such a toffee-nosed snob.
6. Since my husband and I gave up our office jobs and started our internet business,
we’ve been enjoying a rapidly-increasing income.
7. My boss insists that we often sacrifice our weekends and work on Saturday for the
good of the company, while he plays golf and takes extra-long holidays. He’s such a
two-faced hypocrite
8. As they entered the dark house during the violent storm they heard a blood-curdling
and saw a bloody knife fall down the stairs in the moonlight.

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