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The verb to get is one of the most common
 verbs in English.
The many uses of get can be confusing.

*GET - GOT - GOT/GOTTEN ('gotten' es la forma en inglés


Look at the table and study some of the main uses and the examples.

to catch   to receive   to become   to buy or obtain  
to arrive   arranging for somebody
to do something for you
  phrasal verbs with get   other phrases with get  

Now look at some more phrases that are often used with get and write them in the correct column in the table above.
get tired
get on (well/badly) with someone
get there by train
get your hair cut
get rich
get your photo taken
get the wrong number
get a shock
get a new car
get pneumonia
get dad to give me a lift
get a passport
  get sight of something
get ready
get away
get a discount
get to the office on time
get a present for someone
don't get me wrong
get better
get your flat painted
get by in English
get a good impression of someone
get a text message
  get the flu
the last bus
get 300 euros
get drunk
get around the city
get a surprise
get to the station
get a headache
get to school
get a disease
get it right
get going

Answers Check your answers

Choose the best get expression to complete the sentences.

1. She was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. After hitting on her for nearly half an hour she finally poured her drink over my head and slapped me in the face. I finally . But I still haven’t the experience.
2. It was raining so hard that I could hardly believe my luck when I managed to flag down and get in .
3. He's been quite sick lately, but he seems to be now.
4. After spending nearly two weeks at home doing nothing, I decided to turn on the computer and some serious work.
5. This guy knocked on my door the other day and asked me to sign a petition against immigration. I told him to and I slammed the door in his face.
6. They tied the knot nearly eleven years ago, so it was a very sad day when they decided to .
7. When Pepito told his boss that he’d lost his laptop with all the company’s information on it, his boss and then started shouting!
8. Do you know what time your plane ? Let me know and I'll meet you at the airport.
9. I must admit life has got a bit boring since I stopped drinking alcohol, but at least I don’t anymore.
10. I can’t handle getting at 3 o’clock in the morning anymore. As soon as it gets past midnight I just want to go home to bed. I must be .
11. Shut up, will you? You’re getting !
12. She earns a good salary, so she can without any help from her ex-husband.

Answers Check your answers.

Listen again.

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