- Terry: Hello?
- Pete: Hi Terry, it’s Pete.
- Terry: Alright Pete? How’s it going?
- Pete: Fine thanks, yourself?
- Terry: Not too bad. What’s up?
- Pete: Listen, I’m phoning because I’m going to take dad to the football in Barcelona next week.
Are you going?
Arsenal are playing Barcelona in the Champions League.

- Terry: Yeah, I know. I want to go, but Sandra and I are having/are going to have a dinner party
the night before, on Friday. It finishes early, I’ll probably go.
- Pete: The train to Barcelona leaves at 9.00, I’ve just phoned the station. Do you think Sandra
will mind
if you leave her to do the tidying up and washing up after the party?

- Terry: I doubt it. Not if I tell her it’s something really important!
- Pete: What could be more important than the Champions League?
- Terry: Right! So who do you think will win?/is going to win?
- Pete: Barça won’t win/aren’t going to win. Not with the injury problems they’ve been having lately.
I’m definitely putting my money on Arsenal.

- Terry: You might be right. Hey! Do you want me to pick you up and take you to the station? I’ve decided
to drive/I’m going to drive
to the station and I can park the car there. It’ll be easier with dad. You know
he can’t walk very far these days.
- Pete: That would be great, Terry. Thanks very much.
- Terry: No problem. Let me think.. er.. we need to be at the station at quarter to nine, so I’ll pick you up
at quarter past eight. We’d better leave a bit earlier in case the traffic’s bad. Is that okay?
- Pete: Fantastic! I’ll look forward to it. See you on Saturday then.
Terry: Ok mate. Take care.

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