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Read the following telephone conversation between Terry and Pete. Choose the best future form for each space. In some cases, both forms are possible.

- Terry: Hello?
- Pete: Hi Terry, it’s Pete.
- Terry: Alright Pete? How’s it going?
- Pete: Fine thanks, yourself?
- Terry: Not too bad. What’s up?
- Pete: Listen, I’m phoning because dad to the football in Barcelona next week. Arsenal are playing Barcelona in the Champions League.
- Terry: Yeah, I know. I want to go, but Sandra and I a dinner party the night before, on Friday. It early, .
- Pete: The train to Barcelona at 9.00, I’ve just phoned the station. Do you think Sandra if you leave her to do the tidying up and washing up after the party?
- Terry: I doubt it. Not if I tell her it’s something really important!
- Pete: What could be more important than the Champions League?
- Terry: Right! So who do you think
- Pete: Barça . Not with the injury problems they’ve been having lately. I’m definitely putting my money on Arsenal.
- Terry: You might be right. Hey! Do you want me to pick you up and take you to the station? to the station and I can park the car there. It’ll be easier with dad. You know he can’t walk very far these days.
- Pete: That would be great, Terry. Thanks very much.
- Terry: No problem. Let me think.. er.. we need to be at the station at quarter to nine, so at quarter past eight. We’d better leave a bit earlier in case the be bad. Is that okay?
- Pete: Fantastic! ?/I look forward/I’ll look forward to it. See you on Saturday then.
- Terry: Ok mate. Take care.
Listen to the conversation to check your answers.

Answers Check your answers with the transcription.

1. Going to is used to talk about future plans and present intentions for the future.
- "I’m going to take dad to the football match."

2. Will is used to talk about a decision made at the moment of speaking.
- "I’ll pick you up at quarter past eight."

3. The present continuous is used to talk about arrangements (acuerdos) and plans for the future.
- "We’re having a dinner party."

4. The present simple is sometimes used to talk about timetables or something similar.
- "The train leaves at nine."
- "The academic year starts on October 3rd."
- "What time does your plane arrive?"


1. Both going to and will can be used to make predictions about the future. Going to is commonly used when the prediction is based on some present evidence.
- "Look at the clouds, it’s going to rain."
- "He’s going to fall off and have an accident."

2. However, when the prediction is based on what we believe and expect, and not on present evidence, we tend to use will.
- "Harry won’t come to the meeting."
- "I think it’ll snow tomorrow."
- "I’m sure she’ll be late.

3. There is often no real difference in meaning, and either going to or will can be used for predictions.
- "Who do you think will win?" / "Who do you think is going to win?"
- "Barcelona aren’t going to win." / " Barcelona won’t win."

Read these sentences and choose the best form.

1. I’ve decided lose weight.
2. “I’ve left my money in the car.” – “Don’t worry, pay.”
3. My daughter have another baby.
4. Look at that idiot on the skateboard. have an accident in a minute.
5. “Do you fancy going out for a drink after work?” – “No, I can’t. visit my mum.”
6. I was nice to meet you. Maybe see each other again one day.
7. “Is Simon coming to lunch with us?” – Hang on a minute, ask him.”
8. Don’t give her a mobile phone for her birthday. She’s too young, break it.
I’ve decided ... lose weight.

Listen and repeat.

Answers Check your answers.

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