1. Microsoft and Apple are rival companies.
- Yes, but they collaborate on some projects, don’t they?
2. I picked your photos up off the floor.
- Thanks, the wind must have blown them off the table.
3. There’s a great article about polar bears on the centre page.
- Yes, I’ve seen it. I love the National Geographic.
4. Did you make her come to the party?
- No she wanted to come. She likes parties.
5. I’ll ask her if she can meet us for lunch.
- Great! Why don’t you ask her sister, too?
6. The police officer’s (officer has) charged him for theft.
- Good. I hope they put him away for at least five years.
7. Don’t lie to your sister!
- Why not? She always lies to me!
8. Did you see the waiter go? The service is terrible in this restaurant.
- He’s coming now. What did you want to order?
9. Does your GPS show all the cities and towns in the area?
- Yes, it does. You can also see petrol stations, places of interest and tourist information.
10. I’ve been afraid of spiders since I was a child.
- Really? I don’t mind insects, but I have a fear of snakes and mice.

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