1. You’re playing tennis tomorrow, aren’t you? (rising)
2. Nice day, isn’t it? (falling)
3. There was a meeting yesterday, wasn’t there? (rising)
4. He doesn’t like me very much, does he? (falling)
5. You’ll be okay, won’t you Sandra? (falling)
6. He’s a lovely baby, isn’t he? (falling)
7. You’ve drunk all the vodka, haven’t you? (rising)
8. You don’t like my hair, do you? (falling)
9. Your dad can tell us that, can’t he? (rising)
10. You can’t do anything right, can you? (falling)
11. That’s a new car, isn’t it? (rising)
12. These batteries don’t last very long, do they? (falling)
13. We haven’t got the receipt, have we? (rising)
14. The banks close at three, don’t they? (rising)
15. Terry’s a great singer, isn’t he? (falling)

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