- Erm… well… I think a little bit of a problem at the moment is.. erm.. the recession. Erm.. although, *, it really hasn’t affected us as badly as it has a lot of people. I mean.. erm.. there’s a lot of people , and really **,. So, erm.. but it has affected us in a way with.. erm.. the Euro, and..and we’ve got sort of like less money coming in. Erm… but then, we’re a lot better than an awful lot of other people.

- The exchange rate’s affected you because you get money transferred over from the UK to Spain?

- That’s right. Er.. Terry’s pensions come in.. erm.. but, as I say.. er.. that’s… you.. we just ***, . Everything’s still okay so there’s an awful lot more people suffering more than we are.. erm.. ,

- Well.. er…

- That’s not a problem, that’s more , ….in a way….

- Yeah, exactly, yeah… I.. I still look at it as a problem. It.. it’s something that affects you. Erm…I don’t really know, it’s really….

- Well, if you think about it logically then we’re very very lucky if we can’t think of anything that’s a ,. Because.. erm.. what a lot of people are , …

- A lot of people have got continuing problems….

- That’s right, so we’re very very lucky.

- Yeah.

*touch wood = tocar madera
**to struggle = luchar
***get by (cope, manage)= arreglarse

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