- Erm… if my house caught fire I think the thing.. the thing that I’d most save are.. erm.. photos. Erm… I think most other things you can replace; televisions, anything like that, music, erm.. but photos are very dear to me so I think that’s what I would save .

- Yeah, I don’t… I don’t think of photos in that way. I don’t need reminding. I’ve.. he.. he.. this is sound really strange, I know,… it would be my mp3 player… it’d be my mp3 player. since I’ve had it * It really has! It has, I think to myself I’ve have that because I’ve go out for my walk tomorrow. And that’s what I’d say, my mp3 player.

*It’s given me a new lease of life = Me ha dado una nueva vida / una segunda oportunidad.

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