- Erm, my perfect dinner party.. eermm... from famous people John Lennon..er..just to have a chat with him and..and really see what he was like. Erm.. I think you’d… I’d.. erm.. like to invite someone that was funny, so Billy Connolly, because I think he’d be really good..erm…I don’t know so much about now, maybe years ago when he was drinking a lot and taking loads of drugs that would have been funnier. Erm.. I suppose if I look back I’ve probably had some really good dinner parties in England, and a couple of my really good friends unfortunately have passed away*. So, to get sort of like the six of us back together again. Erm, but I think with famous people, possibly there’s too many even to think about.

- Well, I can think of one, ; Jack the Ripper. …and everybody else in the world must want to know that; who he was, why he did it. ‘Cos I’ve got feelings on that, I think it was a cover up** for royalty. I think he impregnated a prostitute – Erm.. Edward, Edward the seventh I think it was – and I think they were killed because of that. Not because it could have been each one of them. It was…we’re doing this because one of them, one of them was impregnated. That’s what…that’s what I think for that.
Erm..… Billy Connolly I think is a good choice for fun, yeah Billy Connolly… erm... oo, Marilyn Monroe, what happened with her as well. See, that’s how my mind works. I want to know; why did that happen? Who did that? And there’s quite a lot of mysteries in the world. And they’re the type of guests that along to a dinner party.

*To pass away = fallecer
**A cover up = un encubrimiento

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