1. About 22% of the earth's original forest remains.
2. Last year the total income of retail chain Wal-Mart was $246.5 billion.
3. It takes 88,000 kg of prehistoric buried plant material to produce 3.9
litres of petrol.
4. 85 % of men who died of heart failure during intercourse turned out to
have been cheating on their wives.
5. The ratio of female to male bloggers on the Internet is 6:30.
6. 12 in every 50 computers are Macs.
7. If you were one in a million in India, there would be 1100 people just
like you.
8. 37% of American adults cannot work out a 10% discount on a price,
even using a calculator!
9. The ratio of a typical salary of a paid gladiator in ancient Rome to the
salary of a doctor or lawyer is 10:1
10. A kiss that lasts for 1 minute burns 26 calories.

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