- Crash statistics:
Chances of dying in a plane crash in the early 1950’s 18 in a million.
Chances of dying in a plane crash present day 1 in 12 million.
Worst year for fatalities: 1972 with 3,214 fatalities.
Crashes in 2009: 120. Fatalities in 2009: 1,103

- Safest airlines:
5. British Airways
6. Singapore Airlines
7. KLM
8. Qantas

- Worst airline for safety: Aeroflot

- Technical improvements include:
5. Turbofan jet engines which replaced turbojet engines.
6. Computer technology and autopilot systems.
7. Ground Proximity Warning Systems and Wind Shear Alert Systems.
8. TCA’s (Terminal Control Areas) around busy airports.

- Largest factor in aircraft disasters: human error.

- Cause of fatal accidents in the last decade:
Pilot error: 45%
Total human error: 54%
Mechanical failure: 28%
The weather: 8%
Terrorist attack/sabotage: 9%

- Maximum amount of hours a pilot can work in a day: 16

- Chances of having an accident when flying with top 25 airlines: one in 13.57 million


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