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Write nouns, adjectives and verbs in the spaces.

Verb Noun Adjective
developed / developing
No verb exists ingenuity

Answers Check your answers.

Listen to practise pronunciation.

-ment, -ion, -ity etc. are common noun suffixes. Complete the table by making nouns from the following words. Follow the examples.

manage  /  zoo  /  real  /  sexism
animate  /  compete  /  revise  /  govern
disappoint  /  Buddha  /  invest  /  constipate
geological  /  feminine  /  brutal  /  social
technological  /  climate  /  social  /  substitute
establish  /  liberal  /  depress  /  able
science  /  move  /  elastic  /  race
infinite  /  legal

-ment -ology -ion -ity -ism

Answers Check your answers.

Listen to practise pronunciation.

Match the suffix with the description.

1. A suffix that is added to the root of a word and often describes a political, philosophical or academic subject area.

2. A suffix usually added to a verb.

3. A suffix that has an 's' or a 't' before it and this suffix is usually added to a verb.

4. A suffix usually added to an adjective.

5. A suffix that often has the meaning of a theory or movement and can be added to a noun or an adjective.

Answers Check your answers.

Write the words that the definitions are describing. The first letter has been written to help you.

1. The opposite of optimism
2. The scientific study of the way the human mind works
3. The noun of the verb to disagree
4. This noun is the type of person you are. It’s your character, which is shown by the way you behave, feel and think
5. The process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the knowledge that you get from this
6. The willingness to do things which bring advantages to other people, even if it results in disadvantage for yourself
7. This is a social, political and economic theory which is based on the writings of Karl Marx
8. This noun describes something happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning or without being forced
9. This could be a plan for how something will happen, or an agreement between people about how something happens or will happen
10. Something which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service
11. This is a peaceful calm state, without noise, violence, worry etc.
12. This is the strong and unreasonable belief that your own country or race is the best or most important

Answers Check your answers.

Listen to practise pronunciation.

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