1. Women have larger brains than men. (False – They have larger connections between their brain's left
and right hemispheres.)
2. Men are better at abstract reasoning. (True)
3. Women’s brains are able to understand a wider range of information than men. (True)
4. Women like to talk over their problems with men because men are good at finding solutions.
(False - When a woman shares her problems with a man, she is not looking for solutions – she needs
someone to listen to her.)
5. Men place a higher importance on relationships than women. (False) - Women rank relationships
with others first / women value family and kids. .
6. Women are more self-critical than men. (True)
7. Women are generally healthier than men. (True)
8. A man is more likely to put up with a boring job than a woman. (False) - Women endure pain and
monotonous work better than men.

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